Organic Content Matters – STOP LIVING IN 2003!

21 Nov, 2019

Social media for businesses is all about gaining exposure of your product or service – and why shouldn’t you want brand awareness via Social Media, with all the tools available to drive businesses today? Those businesses who don’t have a social media strategy that includes creative media and then amplify their message using the correct platforms that dominate on our mobile devices are out of space in 2019.

Stay present on the platforms that matter right NOW…

S.O Content Marketing encourage businesses to post organic content over social media and run ads using platforms like Instagram and Facebook because of how beneficial it can be to your brand. Where do you do you think Instagram will be in nine years? I mean it’ll still be here but will it be a good deal for you to invest in then? Platforms on our phones are constantly evolving and new ones are being created daily and that is why you must be present on the platforms that matter right now.

Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Marketing and running a business is about having a good deal on your media spend, your efforts and your time, not if somethings dead or alive”.

Traditional methods of getting your message out there

We notice that many small businesses will spend money on Google AdWords, Yellow Pages, Direct Emails – which is all well and good, but they are a little dated for 2019 practices.

Paid advertising is useful – but we can’t stress enough how important it is the provide your customers and clients with creative and organic content. Businesses should ask themselves: “Is what I am are doing worth it and relevant today? Are my actions worth it today or am I just reposting repetitive stuff?”

Quit posting generic content…

When you are posting generic content you have copied and pasted from Google ask yourself does that post or ad inspire others and make people consider your business?
It works like this, creativity has become necessary for many businesses conserving their ad budgets.

If you are a company that puts out huge amounts of creative work with ‘out of the box’ concepts your post will be seen by more people with a lesser budget and usually this helps your conversion rate go up. But on the other hand, if you post boring and dull pieces of content your conversion rate is to go low and your ad budget will sky rocket which will only be viewed by a hand full of people.

Hire a creative company to create organic social media posts for your business…

S.O Content Marketing, work daily to help businesses come up with great creative ideas for their social media. We think of the ways your businesses can gain more conversions and guide you to be fighting fit within your industry.

Contact us today for your free social media audit and we can then discuss a 6-month strategy to get you started.
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