Get your brand story right

Have you ever had a disappointing experience with a brand or business? Have you ever felt dissatisfied because the brand or business didn’t meet your expectations?

Sometimes you can’t explain what went wrong in your customer journey and why. But it boils down to something very simple.

Customer dissatisfaction comes from the gap between what the brand promises and what they deliver.

You don’t expect to see a dirty bathroom at the restaurant that has elegant seating, a beautiful embossed sign and sparkling floors. Likewise, the uncomfortable hard seats at your physiotherapist’s clinic are unsettling – or an unexplained bill from a company that promises to be affordable and transparent is simply annoying ….

Clients often ask me how they can deliver a fantastic “About Us” page on their website and more often than not, they want to promise their customers the world.

This is why they need to think of the three key characteristics of a great brand narrative

  1. They need to deliver the truth. Don’t promise on what you can’t deliver.
  2.  They need to deliver consistency throughout their brand. Think about the types of drinks you offer your clients, the bathroom facility, the manners of the people you hire – everything must be in-line with your brand story.
  3.  The third and final characteristic for fantastic brand story and website is to portray your own individual personality. Dare to be different.

Many successful brands are story-driven, and these brands are the ones that live their story through every decision they make, and do so consistently, day in, day out.

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