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Regular Blogging will increase traffic to your website – Fact!

Hire a freelance copywriter, blogger and social media expert

Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Increase the revenue accounted from your website? Or the conversion rate? Content marketing helps build authority around your brand.

Having a blog with SEO friendly content will help your website gain organic traffic, leads and sales. This is because blogging engages a user and is vital for your customer’s journey.

Social media is recommended to stay in your buyer’s mind. I will create a comprehensive social media strategy to ensure you get positive results and get noticed by influencers.

Together, social media and blogging can help with a content marketing package that will enhance your earned media activities.

If you've got a writing, editing or proof-reading project in mind, send me a message to see how I can help. The clients that have the most success in seeing increased traffic and sales are the ones that:

  • Writing several blogs every month
  • Editing their web pages to keep them refreshed
  • Sending e-shots
  • Requesting to have their social media managed professionally with a strategy and campaign plans
  • When they ask for the Ad-hoc proofreading service for business credibility in their sales letters

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Ready to convert clicks into sales?

Monthly Package Examples

Do you want a regular service at an affordable price? Here you can request a packages to suit your business needs. I’ve assisted companies with copywriting services; from start-ups to high street stores who have wanted to reposition themselves, reconnect with their customers, and increase their brand exposure through blogging, PR and social media strategy.

You may have a one-off writing task that you'd like a quote for. Or you may be after a more regular service where you can combine a package and additional projects to tailor the package to what your brand requires.

I'm happy to provide one-off or interim copy for blogs, print publication or websites, conduct interviews and write up, PR campaigns, advertising, social media and much more. The rates for each differ so get in touch and we can discuss what you require.

* Billed monthly in advance. Minimum 6 months’ contract.


Itty Bitty Blog Writing
  • Blog post ideas
  • Research for both topics
  • 2 blogs per month (max 500 words each)
  • 1 times amends
Happy medium
  • Blog post ideas
  • Research for each topic
  • 4 blogs per month(500 words each)
  • 2 amends each
  • Publishing to CMS
Full Shebang
  • SEO optimisation
  • Research on topics
  • Topic Ideas
  • 7 blogs each month (Max 500 words)
  • 2 amends each
  • publishing to CMS

Social media

Engaging your customers and prospects
  • Setting up and managing a maximum of 2 social media accounts
  • Free consultation before you book
  • 30+ posts per month across the channels you choose
  • Content in tone of your brand personality
£150 per month
Engaging, Social Networking and targeting prospects
  • Setting up and Managing a maximum of 4 social media accounts
  • Free consultation before you book
  • 60+ post per month across the social channels
  • £30 Facebook advertising budget for 1 campaign
  • 2 hours of virtual networking
£290 per month
Engaging, networking, targeting and optimising
  • Setting up and managing a maximum of 6 social media accounts
  • Free consultation before you book
  • 100+ post per month across the social channels
  • Timely responses to customers or prospects*
  • Tuning into trending topics
  • 3 hours of virtual networking
  • Setting up and optimising 1 social media advertising campaigns (Advertising budget not included in package price)
  • Audience building
  • Monthly activity and statistics report
  • 30-minute meeting or telephone call to discuss results
£650 excluding advertising

Full Content Marketing

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about writing blogs, posting updates to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, when your focus is working hard in your business. Often, business won't have a dedicated individual with these skills in-house.

To assist my small business customers overcome their marketing concerns – I have recommended 3 packages that will focus on growing your business and prospects digitally. These content marketing packages are just a guideline – if you have a specific request and want a package tailored to your needs, contact me for a quote.

  • Keyword Research and consultation
  • Editorial Calendar
  • 2 blogs per month
  • Sharing content 2 social media accounts
  • Keyword research and consultation
  • Editorial Calendar
  • 4 on page blogs per month
  • Sharing content on 2 social media accounts
  • Audience and community building
  • 30+ posts on social media channels
  • Unique content tailored to your business needs
  • Keyword research and consultation
  • Competitor report
  • Editorial Calendar
  • 6 on page blogs per month
  • Sharing content on 4 social media accounts
  • Audience and community building
  • 60+ posts on social media channels
  • Unique content tailored to your business needs
  • Monthly activity and statistics report
  • 30-minute meeting or telephone call to discuss results and advise going forward

About Me

Saima Omar

Hi, I'm Saima Omar and I am the writer behind S.O Content Marketing. Sometimes, I collaborate with other writers, marketers and experts to ensure your brand is getting the very best results.

  • Google Adwords Certified Expert (2015)
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional (2016)
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified (2015)
  • NCTJ and PTC accredited MA Magazine Journalism

By profession, I am a qualified Magazine Journalist. By trade I am a Freelance Copywriter and an in-house Digital Marketing Specialist.
Both of these contribute to my understanding and belief that the purpose of content marketing is to:

  • Build a brand personality that evokes trust and credibility
  • Engage and nurture both prospects and customers by providing valuable content
  • Enables your brand message to be spread to new audiences organically

My content will set you apart from the noise.

My NCTJ Masters in Magazine Journalism has reinforced the importance of ethical copywriting and I take the legalities of copyright and media law very seriously. I've been fortuanate to have had a chance to write about a wide variety of topics for different industries, from Automotive, Business, Education, Travel, Technology, Insurance, Finance, Entertainment, Parenting, Construction, Entertainment, Properties and Food.

I am a specialist writer in the following subjects:

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Marketing and Technology


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You’ll get a fixed-price quote for the copy required, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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